Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Loving Her Through Her Darkest Moments

You are making a way for so many young women to find hope and freedom they never thought possible. In fact, they consistently tell us just how thankful they are for you! Carrie, a 2013 graduate, recently told us she is celebrating two years of being free from addiction, anorexia, perfectionism, anxiety and depression since coming to Mercy. Her life has been completely transformed, and she wants the world to know the God who set her free:

“Today I celebrate the work of the Lord in my life. Looking back over the past two years, it is hard to believe what God has done for me. I went from broken, lost, homeless, strung out, and miserable to whole and healed. After being told by a psychiatrist that I would never work as a nurse again because I was too sick, God opened unbelievable doors for me! I have worked as a Director of Nursing, and now I am training students to become nurses. I also went from feeling unseen, unloved, and hopeless to meeting the man God had for me all along. In just over two months I will become his wife—something I never thought would happen for a girl like me. 

The Lord has restored my relationship with my family, blessed me with an incredible new family, and surrounded me with the most incredible group of godly women. God has given me amazing opportunities to share his goodness and love with others. Everything Satan had stolen from me God has given back to me above and beyond what I even thought possible. God loved me so much that He gave His only son so that I might have life—a life that I don't deserve but get to live because of this sacrifice. I am here to tell you that I would not be alive today if it weren't for the work of Christ in my life. I am so thankful to Mercy Ministries for taking in a broken and lost girl and loving me through some of my darkest moments. God is able to do far more than you can ever think or imagine if you let Him be Lord in your life.”
--Carrie, 2013 Mercy graduate

I hope you are encouraged to know that you are a part of Carrie’s testimony. This once broken and hopeless girl is now living in freedom because people like you made a way for her to encounter the healing power of Jesus Christ at Mercy Ministries. Thank you so much for partnering with us!

Sincerely in Christ,
Nancy Alcorn
Founder and President