Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Stories With Good Endings

I want you to know, from my heart to yours, what a tremendous impact your support is making in the lives of so many young women. Women like Savannah, a 2009 graduate who was caught up in prostitution and sex trafficking before coming to Mercy, are now walking in freedom. Recently, Savannah sent us an update explaining how she is now helping women in her community find healing from the same issues she once struggled with. Here is what she had to say:

"Before coming to Mercy, I was addicted to drugs and cutting and caught up in prostitution and sex trafficking. At Mercy I received a lot of healing from the Lord. I learned that I was not trash and I did not have to live life like I was. I learned that God could take away all the pain and shame I had carried since I was eight from being sexually abused.  After graduating from Mercy, I started telling people my story and how God saved me. Long story short, God connected me with three other people and birthed a ministry in our hearts to open a safe house for human trafficking survivors in our community.

It feels like it has been the longest four and a half years of my life going through policies and procedures to set up a safe house, but we have watched God open doors with Home Land Security, the FBI and many people in our community. The ministry has been up and running for several months now. The amazing thing is that God has given me the opportunity to share my experience, strength and hope with women as Program Director of the ministry. My favorite part is seeing women grow in their walk with the Lord and getting to share with them that I know what they are going through. God is doing amazing things in healing these women’s hearts, minds and spirits.  I know none of this would have happened if I did not go to Mercy and learn about God's true love. Now I get to use what the enemy tried to take me out with and turn it around on him. Thank you so much for opening the doors of Mercy. God and Mercy saved my life!"
--Savannah, 2009 Mercy graduate

Without partners like you, stories like this would have very different endings. Thank you for making a way for Savannah and so many other girls to find freedom. I am beyond grateful for your support and for being part of every changed life at Mercy!

Sincerely in Christ,
Nancy Alcorn
Founder and President

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