Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Miracle We See Time and Time Again

We believe that every girl’s life is full of incredible potential, and your support makes it possible for girls at Mercy to realize their God-given destinies—just like Tiffany did. When Tiffany’s mom saw the transformation in her daughter’s life at her Mercy graduation, she wanted to thank those who helped Tiffany realize her identity in Christ. Here’s what she said, through tears, at the Mercy graduation ceremony:

“I have often wondered, ‘How do you thank the people that saved your daughter’s life?’ People that know Tiffany know she tends to go against the grain. You say yes, she says no. You say up, she says down. So I don’t think she believed at first that she needed to be saved or rescued, yet each of the staff at Mercy Ministries saw past that, and I am forever grateful that they did. As Tiffany’s mom, I am so thankful for all the times that the staff stayed up with her or sat with her, for all the times they talked with her or listened to her, for all the times they cried with her or laughed with her, for the times they prayed for her or with her, for the times they fought for her soul - and won. 

I want to thank Mercy Ministries for loving my daughter, even when she didn’t and couldn’t love herself, because she didn’t see her worth. What the enemy meant for evil—how he thought he had one of God’s creations in his clutches—Mercy saw as the new creation she would become. This was the beginning of a new journey. The staff has seen this miracle time and time again. The miracle of redemption, of restoration, of deliverance, of freedom. All because of the love of Jesus Christ that permeates through this family at Mercy Ministries. I pray that as her mom, I will be able to continue in that unconditional love that Mercy has shown my daughter.” 
 -Minita, mom of 2014 Mercy graduate Tiffany 

What others say is impossible, you help make possible through your support. Thank you for paving the way for these girls to walk into the future with hearts full of hope and joy. You are making a difference for eternity!

Sincerely in Christ,
Nancy Alcorn
Founder and President

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