Friday, January 20, 2012

Mercy Ministries Celebrates 29th Anniversary With Exciting New Website!!!

Mercy turns 29 years old this week! As part of our 29th anniversary celebration, Mercy Ministries is proud to announce the launch of our newly designed website! We've cleaned up the layout, simplified the navigation, and most importantly, made it easier for hurting young women to get the help they so desperately need.

With the new features we've introduced on the site, you will be able to find important information about our program and application process, read amazing success stories of young women who’ve had their lives transformed, link to important current topics and events and read our news stories about what’s happening at Mercy Ministries.

Check out our new website and sign up for email updates, and we will send you a free sample of either Starved – Mercy for Eating Disorders or Cut – Mercy for Self-Harm by Nancy Alcorn. Help us share the mission and vision of Mercy by adding us to your favorite social media networks, and check out our “Take Action” section to learn all the ways you can help more young women experience God’s unconditional love, forgiveness and life-transforming power.

Some of the other features on our new site include:

A user-friendly calendar with all our upcoming events
A detailed FAQ section
A list of signs and symptoms for those seeking information on the issues Mercy addresses
And much more…

We would love to hear your feedback, so send your thoughts, comments and questions to

As an added bonus, check out our 29th anniversary video message from Nancy and some of our graduates and residents from all over the country. You can see it by clicking here.