Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Pastors John and Helen Burns Visit All Four U.S. Mercy Homes

Pastors Helen and John Burns
Eight years ago, Founder and President of Mercy Ministries, Nancy Alcorn, met Helen and John Burns, Pastors of Relate Church in the Vancouver, Canada area. Little did they know that God was bringing them together to bring Mercy Ministries to Canada.

In August of 2010, the dream of a Canada home finally came true, and 20 more hurting young girls started their journey to freedom and healing. Many have graduated from the Canada home since then, and the Burns continue to faithfully support the healing and restoration of broken lives.

Pastors John and Helen travel globally ministering and encouraging at churches and conferences, but one of their favorite places to visit is Mercy Ministries. This week, they have been travelling across the U.S. to speak to the residents in each of our four homes about the importance of relationships.

Pastor John signing copies of his book, The Miracle in a Daddy's Hug

Pastor Helen has been teaching the girls that in every healthy friendship there will be commitment, conviction, character and communication. She has encouraged them that the ability to love and truly give your heart in relationships is what God made us for, and it begins with giving your heart completely to Him. Pastor John has been speaking about the importance of trust in relationships and explaining the difference between trusting and forgiving. Here’s what some of our residents have had to say about how they have been impacted by these powerful teachings:

I loved when Helen said God came and found her at her lowest, because that’s what happened with me too. I believe God brought me to Mercy to prepare me to have healthy relationships, so He’s teaching me how to have a relationship with Him first. - Lorraine

I really liked that the subject was about healthy relationships and community. It gave me a lot of clarity about how God intends for people to work together and love each other and not live in isolation. This talk was perfect for this moment in helping me to meditate on how to have healthy, loving relationships when I get home. - Natalie

I liked when John spoke about how we mix up trust with forgiveness. Trust is not about the future, it is about the past and trust has to be earned, and forgiveness is not about the past, it is about the future. - Leslie

Wow! These people were awesome! I really enjoyed hearing the words they brought to us. I pray that the Lord will put positive, trustworthy people in my life. I need people who will encourage and lift me up, and I know the Lord is going to show me the right kind of people that I need to surround myself with. - Andrea

There was so much information packed into this teaching. I think the thing that stuck out the most to me from Helen’s talk was how being vulnerable is not being weak; it is being willing and open. I think for so long I have thought that letting people see who I really am, and what I am really going through, was sign of weakness. I also liked when John talked about trust and how you have to have trust to build a relationship. I can see now, looking back, that a lot of relationships I had that didn’t work, were that way because there wasn’t a foundation of trust. - Janae

The Burns have been amazing supporters of Mercy Ministries, and we are so grateful for their passion to take the mission of Mercy to Canada. For more information about Pastors Helen and John Burns and Relate Church, CLICK HERE. Here are some photos of the beautiful Canada Mercy home: