Monday, October 31, 2011

Mercy Grad Gives Back!!!

2008 Graduate Anumari
Anumari’s friends feared she would soon die from a severe eating disorder when they told her about Mercy Ministries. She was also over-exercising, self-harming to cope with her pain and struggling with depression. In April of 2008, Anumari graduated from the Mercy Ministries St. Louis home with her life completely transformed and her hope restored! Today, Anumari is living back in her homeland of Finland and is causing a ripple effect in her community and around the world.

Anumari faithfully gives to Mercy whenever she can, and her favorite way to donate is through sponsoring Mercy graduation rings. Upon graduation, each girl receives a special ring provided by Mercy Ministries. The rings are designed by Angie Will, another graduate of Mercy, and include three stones representing the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. There is also a large “M” surrounding the stones to serve as a reminder of the freedom and healing the young woman receives while at Mercy. Anumari’s ring is very important to her and a reminder that there are hurting young women out there who still need help. The cost of a ring is $55, and Anumari has purchased six rings for Mercy graduates so far!

We want to offer you the same opportunity to purchase a ring for a specific girl. Upon graduation, you will receive a hand written note along with a photo of the girl whose ring you purchased. It is such a blessing for each girl to know that someone specifically provided the ring she will proudly wear as a sign of her freedom!

You can even go a step further, and invest in the life of one girl specifically by becoming a Sponsor a Girl donor. All of the young women we serve come to Mercy Ministries completely free of charge. Compare that to the cost of secular rehabilitation programs that charge as much as $2000.00 per day, per individual. Equally as amazing is the fact that our actual cost is approximately $200 per day, per girl…just 10% of the cost of other programs.

Your gift of $200 each month will contribute to the care of a Mercy girl – from the biblical counseling and the staff who support her each day to all she needs including food, toiletries, bedding, towels, the facility itself and everything else that goes into providing a loving environment for her – all of the things that are so vital in helping her transform her life!

When you sign up to sponsor a girl, Mercy will send you the name of a resident to pray for specifically. As part of the overall program, you will receive quarterly email updates including key ministry information, Nancy Alcorn’s audio teachings and success stories of girls who you are supporting. You will also receive an invitation to a Mercy Ministries luncheon and a graduation at any of our homes. Every six months, you will receive the name of a new resident to pray for.

If you are interested in either purchasing a ring for one of our graduates and/or sponsoring a girl, please contact Kay Strom at 615-831-6987 or Your personal investment in young women like Anumari produces a ripple effect that extends around the world and to future generations!