Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mercy Graduates Celebrate In Monroe!!!

Two more amazing young women graduated from Mercy Ministries transformed and free. After trying to escape the pain of the past through unhealthy relationships, self-harm, drugs and even suicide, these brave young women now celebrate freedom and hope for the future. Family, friends, staff and residents at the Monroe home gathered to hear their incredible stories of healing and restoration, and we wanted to share them with you:


Growing up, I knew God and accepted Him into my heart as a child, but I never learned to walk out my faith. When I was in middle school, we went through some hard times as a family, and I became disconnected from everyone. I turned to cutting, burning myself and unhealthy relationships to cope with my pain. While in college, I began struggling with an eating disorder. I stopped eating and worked out frequently. I became very suicidal and eventually made an attempt that put me in a psychiatric hospital. Over the next nine months, I was in the hospital five different times. I was failing school in my sophomore year of college, and after my fourth suicide attempt, I was forced to leave school until I received help. I heard about Mercy from a friend who graduated from the program and decided to apply.

While at Mercy, God brought me back to life. He demonstrated His love to me and showed me all the gifts He desires to give me. God restored my broken relationships and taught me how to open up and trust again. I now know how to live in His peace.

After graduation, I plan to go back to college to pursue a degree in psychology or social work. I want to reach out to girls who are going through the things I have been through in the past.


Growing up, I was sexually abused by a family member. I later moved in with my boyfriend to get away from home. I started self-harming and abusing drugs and alcohol to deal with the pain. I hated myself and didn’t think I’d ever amount to anything in life. I believed I was worthless and didn’t care if I lived or died. I made numerous attempts at suicide and no hospital could help me stop the destructive behaviors. I heard about Mercy from one of my doctors and decided to apply.

While at Mercy, I learned to forgive those who hurt me. I learned to see myself as God sees me, holy and pure. Old things have passed away, and new things have come - I am a new creature. Christ has given me freedom, and I am no longer a slave to my past. I know He died for me so that I could have an abundant life. I am so happy and grateful to have had the opportunity to come to Mercy.

After graduation, I will be moving into my own apartment. I plan to go back to college to finish my degree. I want to shadow different jobs in a hospital to see what field I might want to pursue further, and I will continue to trust God and surrender my life to Him.

Congratulations Meg and Lindsey! We are so proud of your commitment to face your issues and fight for freedom. Your positive choices, growing faith and ongoing transformation are so evident and we look forward to seeing your futures unfold.