Monday, July 25, 2011

Mercy Ministries on the Mission Field – Transformed Lives Transforming Lives!

Our amazing mission team of 16 Mercy Ministries graduates and two staff members arrived in Uganda safely (as did every piece of luggage!), and they are already seeing the power of God at work. Our team is working with Watoto Ministries – a community that provides a holistic home environment, as well as quality education to children that have been orphaned due to the AIDS epidemic in Africa. Upon arrival, the group was welcomed by the Watoto team members and treated to their first delicious Ugandan dinner – rice, chicken, fresh pumpkin and pineapple. Below is a photo of the girls with their amazing Watoto team host, Melvin.

Watoto Team with Melvin
On their second day in Uganda, the Mercy team went to Watoto headquarters in Kampala and learned more about the work they would be doing. Here’s what team member, Jen, had to say about the classrooms they will be building:

“Our project manager explained the classrooms we will build as a symbol of what we will accomplish during our time here, but I know that the relationships we are building with each other as a team, as well as those relationships we are building with each Ugandan, will outlast any building we erect.”

One of the greatest blessings the team has experienced so far was visiting the Watoto babies’ home, also known as “The Bulrushes.” This home is for the care of infants who have been abandoned, severely abused and malnourished. The girls shared a great time of praying for these little miracle babies and pouring love into them.

Yesterday the team went to the Watoto church for worship, followed by a visit to Bbira, the children’s village where there are about 1,000 kids living in Watoto homes and going to school. Here are some more photos from the exciting first days of the trip:

The Bulrushes Babies
The Watoto Church
Lunch at one of the Bbira homes
Please join us in daily prayer for this amazing team of graduates and staff as they continue to share the love of Christ in Uganda. Continue to pray for their health and safety, the classroom project they will complete and that God continues to enlarge their hearts for the people of Uganda. If you would like to follow their progress and read more exciting stories about the work being done by this incredible team of Mercy graduates and Watoto ministries, check their daily blog posts at