Monday, July 11, 2011

A Day on the Lake with In His Wakes Ministries!!!

The Nashville residents grabbed their swimsuits and sunscreen and headed out to the lake for a day of facing fears, trying new things and having fun with In His Wakes Ministries. This awesome group has hosted a “Day to Remember” for the girls at Mercy Ministries in Monroe several times over the past few years. This month they made the trip to hang out with the Nashville girls for the first time and gave them a life-changing experience they will never forget!

In His Wakes is a ministry that uses water sports to share the love and hope of Christ by challenging the participants’ physical and emotional limits. For the Nashville residents, it was a day of facing fears, trying new things and having fun by swimming, knee boarding, water skiing and tubing. During the opening session, Coordinator Nate Miller shared that just as the boat is the power source for water skiing, God is the power source to overcome fear. We can only experience hope, victory and purpose when we are willing to get off the dock!

The girls cheered each other on as they stepped out of their comfort zones and conquered their fears! Here is what a few of our residents had to say about this exhilarating day on the lake:

We’ve been discussing overcoming fears for a while and this was the perfect, practical way to walk out what we learned. It was fun and I had a blast. The staff and volunteers were encouraging and completely willing to go above and beyond to help us. It was a wonderful way to get away and have some fun. – Molly

Today was absolutely amazing. I overcame my fear and was able to go tubing and water skiing. “I’m not good enough” wasn’t on my mind today. I am a conqueror. – Tori

Today with In His Wakes was an absolutely amazing experience. All the volunteers and people who came together to take us out on the water were such a blessing. When I conquered my fears, I knew that God carried me through as He always does. I am very grateful for today. – Crystal

Today was such a blessing. I am so grateful for everyone who came together to give us such a very special day. I was very nervous about today, but the volunteers and workers were so kind and encouraging. I am so thankful for them helping me overcome so many fears. - Michael Ann

Thank you, to all the staff from In His Wakes Ministries for faithfully partnering with Mercy Ministries. We always look forward to having a blast under the sun and on the water with your talented team.

To learn more about this unique ministry, check out their website at