Friday, June 17, 2011

A Surprise Visit From Three Of My Very Favorites!

I was sitting in my office yesterday getting some work done when three of my favorite people in the whole wide world came to visit me. I guess you could say they are my adopted grandchildren…let me explain.

It was my privilege to meet these three very special people when they first came into the world in 1991. The reason I say that is because Mercy Ministries had the blessing of working with all three of their birthmothers – two of which chose adoption and one who chose to parent. In 1992, these three, along with another one of our Mercy adopted babies, joined me for a very special photo shoot. We had just bought the property in Nashville and we didn’t have any buildings on it, but we were believing God for that to happen. They sat on the ground with me on a blanket and took what we referred to often as our “faith picture,” because their lives served as a symbol of the many lives that would be saved in the years to come as Mercy Ministries would build a home and international office building on this very property.

From left to right, Merri, Me, Rachel, and Parker
Yesterday, three of the four came to see me and we actually did a reenactment of the picture that we took years ago. IT WAS SO FUN!!! We laughed together and had so much joy reminiscing about what God has done and continues to do in all of their lives. I have to admit this much – I love it that they love me and choose to stay connected and in touch!!! Thought you would enjoy the original photo made in 1992 and the one we made yesterday. I love these three – check out these pictures! SO PROUD OF MY GRANDBABIES!

Written by Nancy Alcorn