Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mercy Graduate Becomes College Graduate!!!

“It wows me to know that I have my degree, because I never thought I would live to see it,” said Kim. Her mother didn’t want her, and when she was 12 years old, her aunts prostituted her to a neighbor for $50. Kim wanted to die and cutting was the only way she knew to release the pain. “It was like that blood was my tears. I cried out to God, ‘If you’re not going to let me die, then you’re going to have to help me live,’” said Kim. Check out this video of Kim sharing her story:

Not only did Kim graduate from Mercy, she recently graduated from college! While there, she led a mentoring program for young women on her campus, was the choir president for the music department and organized a huge Christian event on her campus with students and faculty. Here’s what Kim recently shared with us about her graduation and her plans for the future:

I am so happy to say that I graduated from Langston University on May 14th with a degree in psychology! It wows me to know that I have my degree, because I never thought I would live to see it. To cross that stage was amazing, not so much because of the degree that I was holding, but because I overcame and achieved something people told me was not possible. I thought about all the labels, criticism, hurt - all of that. But then I thought about Mercy and the goodness of God and the plans that He has for my life.

My plans as of right now are to go on to grad school to pursuing my degree in counseling. I want to help other young ladies overcome the issues that have consumed them and let them know that they are not alone. I just want to extend hope! I am so grateful. I didn’t know I could have so much joy, freedom and purpose…and desire to live! I can never thank you enough for what you have done for me!


Congratulations Kim! We are very proud of you and your accomplishments! You are such an inspiration, and we are cheering you on as you take hold of the abundant life God has for you!