Monday, June 27, 2011

Five More Mercy Graduates Transformed and Free!!!

Each day at Mercy Ministries, we witness the power of God’s unconditional love transforming young women’s lives. Their struggles and their transformations then become God’s message of hope to other hurting people. It is incredible to see these courageous young women graduate from the program and then impact the world. Here are the stories of five more amazing girls who have experienced the true freedom and joy that comes from having a relationship with Christ:



From a young age, I never believed I had any value. I never knew my biological dad, so I always felt like an outsider in my family. I was teased by other kids at school and was left feeling uncomfortable, empty and alone. When I lost weight during a growth spurt, I received positive attention, so I started using anorexia, bulimia and laxative abuse as a way to feel control over my life. I also began a very promiscuous lifestyle and used alcohol to escape reality. My life was completely out of control when I heard about Mercy from a friend, and so I decided to apply.

While at Mercy, God set me free! I have learned that every choice I make matters, and the more I surrender control of my life to God, the more self-control He enables me with. I have learned that I can’t always control my circumstances, but with the help of the Holy Spirit, I can control the way I respond to every situation.

After graduation, I plan to finish my degree in health and nutrition. I have a heart for young women and would love to encourage them to embrace who God created them to be. He is so very faithful! Thanks to God working through the Mercy staff, I have been given a new life, and I can’t wait to live it!


Before Mercy, my life was hell. I was sexually, verbally and emotionally abused. I struggled with depression, and when my brother died, I began self-harming in order to cope. I also became very promiscuous as a way of escaping my pain. I knew I needed help and found Mercy on the internet. For the first time, I felt hope that I could change and have a new life in Christ.

While at Mercy, God has given me a new heart and life. I have dreams again and a relationship with Him like never before. I don’t have to be ashamed of the past. I’m pure and blameless in Christ, completely loved and whole. Mercy Ministries is amazing!

After graduation, I plan to become a worship leader. In the future, I would like to be a missionary in Israel. I am also interested in one day starting a ministry that rescues girls out of the pornography industry.


Before coming to Mercy, I was constantly trying to fill myself with things that never satisfied. I suffered physical and sexual abuse and believed lies about myself as a result. I felt condemned and struggled with depression and self-harm, because I hated myself so much. People around me were pouring truth into me, but I couldn’t accept it because I didn’t have a firm foundation in Christ. Everyday life was extremely exhausting for me. I heard about Mercy from a friend and decided to apply.

While at Mercy, I learned that I am loved and accepted. I can see an actual difference in my life when I meditate on and speak God’s Word. I no longer live my life based on my emotions. I also now have the ability to set boundaries.

After graduation, I plan to go to college and get a degree in business. I also want to go on mission trips to Mexico and one day build an orphanage there.



I was sexually molested as a child and found it very hard to trust people as a result. I felt very unhappy but would always put on a happy face in front of others. I hid my emotions, buried my problems and began self-harming by pulling my hair out to relieve the stress. I heard about Mercy from a friend and wanted to grow closer to God as well as get healing, so I decided to apply.

While at Mercy, I learned who I am in Christ and that my past doesn’t determine my future. I now have tools for healing so I can overcome and not self-harm during hard times. I have grown closer to God, become bolder in my faith and have grown closer to my family.

After graduation, I want to pursue a career in graphic design and would also like to pursue further education. I look forward to continued restoration in my family and rebuilding trust. I am so glad I came to Mercy!


Before coming to Mercy, I was really depressed. The memories of sexual abuse were too much for me to handle. Dealing with the nightmares, memories and flashbacks was too much to handle. I would sleep or just lie in the bed all day. That was my life. I didn’t know what to do with the memories, so I started binge eating and self-harming to cope with the pain. None of it was working, and I became suicidal. I couldn’t go through another year of so much emotional pain. I heard about Mercy from my mother, and I knew I needed God’s help, so I decided to apply.

God has done so much for me while at Mercy. He has restored my relationship with my mom and dad and has even put love in my heart for the people who have hurt me the most. I have learned to trust God with everything. I don’t have to be in control. I now believe that Jesus loves me unconditionally, and nothing is going to change that. To know and believe that is incredible. Since being here, God has freed me from cutting, depression and anxiety. He made me into a new creation…a new person. He has given me a whole new life.

After graduation, I look forward to reconnecting with my family. I also plan to go to college to become a paramedic! Thank you to everyone at Mercy for loving me and supporting me through this time!

Congratulations ladies! We are so excited to see you graduate from Mercy with such a passion for life. God will use your stories of transformation and healing to help so many others who want to walk in freedom! We are so proud of you.