Monday, May 23, 2011

Three More Amazing Young Women Have Their Lives Transformed!

After years of condemnation and suffering from all kinds of abuse, three more brave young women put their hope in Christ and had their lives completely transformed! Family and friends joined the residents and staff of the Nashville home to celebrate their graduation from Mercy Ministries, and we wanted to share their incredible stories with you:



I was abused as a child and learned very early in life not to trust anyone. I felt everyone was out to get me, even God. I began using self-harm to cope with my pain and became very suicidal. Some of the people I looked up to always complained about their bodies, and I began to compare myself to them and developed an eating disorder. I also had unhealthy relationships with guys, because I felt they would give me some sense of self-worth. I was desperate for help and thought maybe the people at Mercy would understand me and not judge me, so I decided to apply.

While at Mercy, God taught me what true love really is. He showed me that He is for me, not against me. I have learned to trust people again and that the abuse I suffered was not my fault. I learned that I am worthy of God’s love and acceptance.

After graduation, I plan to finish high school and go to college to pursue the culinary arts.


Before Mercy, my life was a mess. I made every wrong choice you could make. I struggled with everything from perfectionism, people pleasing, OCD and depression to eating disorders, self-harm, drug addictions, promiscuity and occult activity. I also had an unplanned pregnancy which ended in miscarriage as a result of all the ways I was harming my body. I had been to several expensive treatment centers, but nothing helped and I ran out of money. That’s when I heard about Mercy from a guidance counselor at my college and decided to apply.

When I first got to Mercy, I had a lot of trouble letting go and trusting God, because I had so many questions about who God was and about Christianity in general. Eventually, I was able to hand things over to God and allow Him to come into my life and transform me into the person He created me to be. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have a God so great and loving, and for the Mercy staff that was so patient and persistent in helping me surrender to God.

After graduation, I plan to go on a mission trip to Guatemala. I would then like to go to the L.A. Dream Center. Eventually, I plan to attend college and then serve full-time as a missionary overseas.


Growing up, I was emotionally and verbally abused and felt like I could never be good enough. I lived under a lot of legalistic views and struggled with fear and depression. I was very manipulative and controlling of others, and I struggled with perfectionism and relationships with men. I was constantly lying to everyone around me and pretending like nothing was wrong, but I knew my life was out of control. I found Mercy on the internet and decided that Christian counseling might help me overcome my struggles.

While at Mercy, I found my identity in Christ. I have really learned to see myself through God’s eyes. My past isn’t going to determine my future. I no longer consider myself as “used goods,” I am worthy of love! Coming to Mercy was the best decision of my life!

After graduation, I am going to a Christian college to pursue a degree in Christian missions. My goal is to graduate completely debt-free so that I can enter the mission field immediately following graduation.

Congratulations Sarah, Katie and Jordan! We are so proud of your commitment to face your issues and fight for freedom!! Your positive choices, growing faith and ongoing transformation are so evident, and we look forward to seeing your futures unfold.