Friday, May 6, 2011

Seven More Amazing Young Women Set Free!!!

Through God’s unconditional love, the hurting young women who come to Mercy Ministries are able to find the healing and freedom they have sought for so long. Many of our recent graduates went from one treatment facility to another, spending thousands of dollars, only to find a temporary solution. While at Mercy, our seven recent graduates were finally set free, and now they have hopes and dreams for the future. Two of them are even getting married in the next few months! Here are the incredible stories of how their lives were transformed and their hope restored:



I grew up distant from God, without any solid foundation in the Lord. As a little girl, I attended church, but it was an obligation that never brought any real meaning to my life. I grew up feeling rejected, and the pursuit of perfection controlled my life. I felt as though the bar was constantly being raised, and I was a total failure. Drugs, eating disorders, self-harm, sex, abuse, lies, depression, suicide attempts and an unplanned pregnancy were all the result of my attempts to fill the hole in my life that only God could fill. I went to the leading treatment facilities and all of them failed to offer lasting change. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were spent on what turned out to be a temporary bandage. I was convinced that God had given up on me. Death seemed imminent. But then God introduced me to Mercy Ministries through a family friend, and I decided to apply.

Mercy has been the “suddenly” that saved my life. When I walked through the doors, I felt an immediate sense of hope. Slowly, I began to believe that the Lord’s promises actually applied to me. God’s Word has become my fuel and is the source from which I daily renew my mind. I have confidence in myself through Christ, and now I am capable of being the mom God has called me to be. I am free; it is finished!

After graduating from Mercy, I am moving back to Florida. I will work in medical sales and wholeheartedly serve the Lord. In God’s timing, I hope to marry a wonderful man of God.


As a child, I was abused and rejected. I turned to drugs, an eating disorder and self-harm to cope with the pain. I knew if I did not get help, I would either commit suicide or die of a drug overdose because I was so depressed. I heard about Mercy from my aunt and decided to apply.

Since I came to Mercy, God has given me a second chance at life! I have learned that I am a child of God who has been cleansed and forgiven. No matter what happens I will always have God on my side. He is all I need. I am so happy and can’t wait to see what God has in store for me.

After graduation, I would like to go to college and major in psychology. I would like to be a counselor and help people overcome their issues. I also want to thank all the counselors and staff at Mercy for showing me what it means to be a true Christian, and how to live and experience true freedom!

St. Louis


 My life before Mercy was hopeless. I didn’t have God in my life, and I had no hope for a future. I grew up in a chaotic environment with foster children who sexually abused me. I developed an eating disorder when I was 18 and was in and out of treatment centers until I was 25. I was constantly anxious, depressed, and didn’t want to live anymore. I wanted help but had no insurance. I searched Google for “free residential treatment” and found Mercy. I learned that Mercy is a free program with an incredible success rate, and they teach you how to know God. I knew He was the only one who could help me, so I decided to apply.

While at Mercy, God set me free from anxiety, depression and an eating disorder. God has shown me who He is and who I am in Him. He has helped me to love myself again. I learned that God is gracious and merciful, and His love for me is unconditional.

God has great plans for me after graduation. I’m so excited to be getting married this summer, and I plan to go back to school in the fall to finish up my degree in nutrition.


Before Mercy, my life was filled with darkness, and I had no desire to live. I struggled with depression, even in elementary school. I also struggled with bulimia, self-harm and drug abuse. I tried multiple times to end my life and was out of control. I was always trying to fill this empty hole I felt inside of me. I was in and out of other facilities from the age of 14 and never got better. I heard about Mercy from a graduate and decided to apply.

While at Mercy, God completely has given me a reason to live. I learned that my life has purpose, and I was made for a reason. I know now that the Holy Spirit will help me push past my fear. I realized that because God lives in me, I can overcome anything.

After graduation, I plan to enroll in a ministry training school. I want to help people who are hurting and learn more of God’s Word.


 Before coming to Mercy, I was struggling with depression and an eating disorder. I had been sexually abused and also lost a close family member. I felt my life was falling apart and I had to make a drastic change or I was going to die. I found Mercy Ministries online and decided to apply.

While at Mercy, God completely turned my life around. I came to a house full of strangers and was nervous, but I knew I wanted to be in God’s will. I wanted to know His purpose for me. I have experienced so much joy and peace from this experience. I didn’t know that I could have a personal relationship with God. I felt like He was so far away. Now I know that I’m never alone, and God always has me in His hands no matter what.

After graduation, I plan to go wherever God leads me. I want to fulfill God’s purpose for me. This place is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.


 Before coming to Mercy, I struggled with feelings of inadequacy, self-hatred, unworthiness and insecurity. I struggled with self-harm and addiction to drugs and alcohol. I was trapped in a cycle of addiction, always trying to feel better at any cost. I was depressed and felt like I was dead inside. I had lost everything. I heard about Mercy from my mother and decided to apply.

While at Mercy, I feel like God opened the windows of heaven just for me. He taught me that I do not have to lie down and just let life happen to me, I have a choice. When I put my trust in Him, it’s all good.

After graduation, I plan to get a job in my field of study, psychology and counseling. I also plan to attend Bible College.

Congratulations ladies! We are so proud of you and the courage that you’ve shown. It is so exciting to see your newfound hope for the future as you move forward! We know God has amazing plans for you!  

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