Thursday, May 12, 2011

Monroe Residents Have a Day to Remember!!

Last week, the girls from the Monroe home grabbed their sunscreen and swimsuits and headed to Lake Griffin with In His Wakes Ministries for a day of facing fears, trying new things and having fun. In His Wakes has made it a priority over the past few years, to impact the lives of the Mercy girls at the Monroe, LA home by hosting an annual “Day to Remember.”

In His Wakes is a ministry that uses water sports to share the love and hope of Christ. The residents participated in various activities designed to challenge both their physical and emotional limits such as swimming, knee boarding, water skiing and tubing. What a great way to show the girls how to leave their fear, pride and insecurities “on the dock and take to the waters of life with Christ and experience His hope, victory and purpose!”

The girls cheered each other on as they stepped out of their comfort zones and conquered their fears! After a morning of fun and excitement on the water, the residents had lunch by the lake and spent the afternoon with a time of praise and worship and sharing what they learned from the experience. Check out this video of their fun day on the lake:

Thank you, to all the staff from In His Wakes Ministries for faithfully partnering with Mercy Ministries. We always look forward to having a blast under the sun and on the water with your team.

To learn more about this unique ministry, check out their website at