Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mercy Ministries and March Madness!!!

While basketball fans across the country have been immersed in March Madness, the Nashville Business Journal has created their own version of the competition, and Mercy Ministries could be the winner in the end!

The Nashville Business Journal took 64 of Nashville's most famous and iconic brands and matched them up, NCAA tourney-style. For weeks now, fans have been voting for the brand that most embodies Nashville and it has finally come down to two: Lipscomb University vs. Purity Dairies. If Purity Dairies comes from behind and wins the competition, Purity Dairies President, Mark Ezell, will donate $500 to Mercy!

Please help us help Purity Dairies by casting your vote HERE as many times as you can before 4:00 PM! Will Mercy Ministries have its own Cinderella story? Check back tomorrow to see if your votes made the difference!