Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gifted Songwriter and Acclaimed Worship Leader Cindy Ratcliff Visits the Nashville Home

Cindy Ratcliff
Cindy Ratcliff is best known for her role as Director of Music and Worship at Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church in Houston, TX, but around Mercy, she is also known as the adoptive mother of Mercy twins, Merrick and Emory. The staff and residents were honored to have Cindy and her husband, Marcus, visit with them yesterday at the Nashville home.

Cindy spoke straight from the heart as she shared her testimony of how God used difficult times to grow her faith. She and Marcus were blessed with a son, Windsor, but over the next five years, were not able to have any more children. They heard about a young woman who came to Mercy Ministries pregnant with twins and needing help. This courageous young woman chose life for her babies and made the decision to place them for adoption with a loving Christian family. Cindy and Marcus were chosen by the birth mother and now the twins are almost three years old and thriving!
Cindy and Marcus with the birth mother and the kids

“Your brokenness is beautiful in the hands of the Lord,” said Cindy as she described how that young woman’s brokenness completed something in her family. She encouraged the girls with scriptures about their value and worth to God and how His plans are trustworthy. Here’s what some of our residents had to say about this special time with Cindy:

I really appreciated her honesty and willingness to share her heart with us. I was encouraged to hear the Lord worked in her life at a very vulnerable time in her life. She did not allow this heartache to define her, and she learned to rely on the Lord in a new way. It is a part of her testimony, and the Lord has honored her over and over again. I want to seek the Lord with all my heart and trust the Him with the plans He has for me. - Alma

God really spoke to me today. He really uncovered a lot of doubt and fear that I’ve been kind of ignoring. I need to get past that so I can fully rely on God and center my focus on Him and not on anyone or anything else. - Amanda

The whole message was so amazing. I tend to believe I am too broken to be healed and used. The truth is that God is going to use me in my brokenness. My brokenness is beautiful in the hands of the Lord. - Samita

It is interesting to hear a testimony of someone who sought after God and even did ministry for Him, and yet they still went through trying times. God uses those times to strengthen our faith and to guide us down the path he wants us to take. – Allie

I really, really enjoyed this! I have a lot of brokenness inside of me, and when I looked in the mirror I saw ugliness. But now I can see how some of that brokenness has been turned to beauty by God. I want what God has planned for me. - Samantha

We want to say a special thank you to Marcus and Cindy for taking time out of their busy schedules to visit with and encourage the girls. The Nashville residents were obviously greatly impacted by your words of encouragement. For more information about Cindy, visit Here are some more photos of the visit with Cindy.

Cindy spent some time afterward talking with the girls

Cindy speaking to the staff and residents

Cindy and her husband, Marcus