Monday, March 7, 2011

Mercy Ministries Residents Attend True Image Conference

Pastor Lindsey Carr (left) with Pastor Kari Jobe
Girls today get bombarded with messages about how they should dress, how much they should weigh and who they should be. “True Image” is a ministry at the Word of Life Center church in Shreveport, Louisiana dedicated to helping young women hear the voice of God and discover the beauty of who they are in Christ. Residents of the Monroe home had a blast at the True Image Conference last weekend and were encouraged by Youth Pastor Lindsey Carr’s words about being fearless and embracing who God has designed them to be.

The girls also enjoyed front row seats at a special concert led by Worship Pastor Kari Jobe and the True Image worship team. They loved getting to hang out with Kari during a special “meet and greet” after the event. The girls were deeply impacted by this life-changing conference and inspiring worship. Here’s what some of them had to say about being “fearless:”

The True Image Conference was amazing and it really helped me overcome many of my fears! I was also touched by the worship with Kari Jobe. Her song “You Are for Me” really spoke to me. It reminded me that God is always for me, no matter what. I loved the whole weekend! -Kimmy

Pastor Lindsey Carr’s words really spoke to me and the truth really dissolved some of my insecurities and fears. I was able to begin to let go of my negative body image and embrace my inner beauty. God really used True Image to help me confront some major mountains of fear in my life. The worship also really ignited a hunger in me for the Lord. – Jenn

Special thanks to Word of Life Center, Pastor Lindsey Carr and the True Image team. To learn more about True Image and Word of Life Center, visit their website at Check out the photos from this fun and encouraging weekend:

Worship Pastor Kari Jobe

Monroe residents with Kari Jobe