Friday, February 25, 2011

Mercy Multiplied Talks To Students About Sex Trafficking

Students are some of the most passionate, effective activists in our country, and Mercy Ministries wants them to get involved in helping victims of domestic sex trafficking. Lots of groups are raising awareness about sex trafficking in the U.S., but Mercy Ministries is actually DOING something about it. We need some fearless, cutting-edge leaders to take their college campuses by storm and start a revolution to help our sisters, daughters, and friends who have been brutalized by this horrific crime.

Dave and Kristy Spring
We’re honored to have student ministry experts, Dave and Kristy Spring, joining us again on the airwaves at Mercy Multiplied THIS Sunday. The Springs will once again keep the conversation real and raw and answer all your questions about the opportunities for students to be an agent for change on their campuses. But no topic is off limits. Dave and Kristy have over 18 years of experience working with teens around the globe including the U.S., Mexico, Jamaica, Ireland, England, New Zealand, Australia and Southeast Asia. The Springs are also generously lending Mercy Ministries their worldwide campus ministry expertise as we launch our student campaign called Freedom4One. You can find out more about how to be a voice on your campus by going to

Join us for this very important discussion on SuperTalk 99.7 WTN between 9:00 AM and 10:00 AM CST, or listen live from around the country at We want to hear what you have to say so call us at 615-737-9986 with your stories, questions and concerns. This is our final show for this 13 week series but we will be back in a new time slot soon. Stay tuned for information about upcoming radio shows. Podcasts of all the shows are available here.