Friday, February 4, 2011

Former Crack Addict, Lisa Binion, Shares Her Story With Mercy Ministries

Lisa Binion
“How could a preacher’s kid become a crack addict? How could a talented Gospel songwriter hide a secret sin even while serving in full-time ministry? And what unusual miracle could rescue this beautiful young woman from the brink of suicide?” These are the questions answered by Lisa Binion on Tuesday as she shared her incredible testimony with the staff and residents at Mercy Ministries’ Nashville home. There was a lot of laughter mixed with tears as she candidly told the girls how God took her “thrown-away life and transformed her into a life-changer and hope-giver.” Here’s what some of them had to say about Lisa’s powerful and authentic testimony:

I loved when Lisa said there's a difference between being clean and having freedom and I love that she's so open and doesn't care what others think. I really needed to hear this; it was total confirmation from God. Pain is pain, no matter what we go through, but nothing is too bad for God, He will always love us. It was an awesome story. - Nikki

So amazing! I was so moved by Lisa’s words and how the Lord saves. Through Lisa, I saw God's true character, and began to understand the true meaning of freedom. - Tess

Lisa’s whole testimony was amazing. It was something I really needed to hear. Everyone has some sort of pain. I have been addicted to many other things in life other than drugs and I am ready to be set free. - Hannah

It really interested me to hear her story, struggles, and breakthrough. Her story seems so much bigger than mine, yet she has victory. It gives me hope to know that I will have victory and healing. - Shawna

Wow, her story is intense. I felt like I could relate to her on quite a few levels. It is amazing to know where she came from, and to see her now. I love how real she is and how she just shares her heart so openly. I want to tell people my story. - Amanda

Lisa’s story of transformation from a homeless, suicidal addict to a fully restored minister of the gospel won’t soon be forgotten. Lisa is the author of many popular worship songs including “Healing In This House.” She is currently writing a book that chronicles her life story. For more information about Lisa, go to