Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Promise Keepers Set an Example for the Monroe Residents

Promise Keeper, Rick Nolan, with Monroe Residents
Volunteers who take the time to come to a Mercy Ministries home and sow into the lives of these hurting young girls make a huge impact. To receive unconditional love and encouragement from people who don’t even know them has a powerful affect on their lives. Promise Keepers is a ministry dedicated to men who desire to encounter God’s Word, embrace their identities as His sons, and invest in meaningful relationships with their families and with each other. For over 13 years, a local chapter of Promise Keepers and their wives have been faithfully visiting the Monroe, Louisiana home once a month to spend time with our residents.

Last night, these dedicated couples came to the home and cooked an amazing dinner for the girls. They always insist on cleaning the kitchen afterwards, giving the grateful residents a cherished break from this household task. After the meal, everyone gathered for a devotion with Promise Keeper, Rick Nolan. Here’s what Rick had to say about how he got involved with Mercy Ministries:

Mercy Ministries is so thankful for the love and support of this special Promise Keepers group. It is always an encouragement for our residents to see such great examples of godly men and these couples present a beautiful picture of love and faithfulness in marriage that gives so much hope to the hurting young girls at Mercy. Read what one Mercy resident had to say about the Promise Keepers:

Rick told us that Promise Keepers was formed to show women that there are good, safe guys out there, and they wanted to get involved at Mercy to encourage us! The unconditional love of God is shown through the time they take in coming and serving us a meal and then sharing a powerful word from God with us. They have created a beautiful picture in my mind of who God is as a father and protector. Thank you Promise Keepers! - Anita

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