Friday, January 7, 2011

Mercy Ministries Birthmother and Son Reunited After 18 Years!

This past Christmas was incredibly special for one Mercy Ministries graduate who is now on staff in our Monroe home, Melissa Taylor. Melissa came to Mercy Ministries in 1991 with an unplanned pregnancy. She chose life for her son and made the difficult decision to place him for adoption with a loving Christian family. Just a couple of weeks ago, Melissa was reunited with her son for the first time, after 18 years! We want to share the amazing story of how God brought restoration and healing to her family this holiday season:

My name is Melissa Taylor and I’m the Household Manager at Mercy Monroe. Nineteen years ago I was a resident here at the Monroe home. I was pregnant for the second time and had placed a child for adoption the prior year. I had no intention of placing this child for adoption but while at Mercy, I was filled with the Holy Spirit and God spoke to me about His plans for this baby. God told me He had a place for him and I knew then that’s what I was to do. Sharon Manuel was working for Mercy that year and was the staff member I had in the delivery room with me.

Three days after delivery, in November 1991, I placed a son for adoption through Mercy Ministries. His birth name was Benjamin Christian Martin. The adoptive parents I chose did not know the name I had given my son, but God did. As they prayed about what to name their new baby, the Lord gave them the name Christian. The name Martin was a family name, so Christian Martin became his new identity! God is so good. I married the birth father, Brett Taylor, on December 31, 1991. We are still married and have three children we have raised together.

We hadn't heard anything about Christian for 18 years. I have been a staff member for almost two years now, and Sharon Manuel is now the Program Director of the Monroe home. Sharon and I were talking one day and I mentioned possibly getting a photo of Christian for the baby wall (pictured right). She suggested we try to get an updated photo of him and that’s what started the process. I spoke with Joy Graham, the Director of Adoptions at the Mercy Ministries Corporate Office in Nashville, and she was able to locate the family and Christian. God opened the doors wide for all of us to be reunited within two weeks of finding him!

Nancy, Christian, Melissa, and Brett
Meeting Christian has been the highlight of our year. God has truly blessed us by allowing us to reconnect with him. Christian has had an amazing life and is blessed with the most wonderful parents and family. He was also able to meet Founder and President of Mercy Ministries, Nancy Alcorn, while on his Christmas break visit here. It was wonderful to be a part of such an amazing experience. God is truly an awesome God!

Mercy Ministries has an in-house, licensed adoption agency located in our corporate offices in Nashville. If you are interested in applying to be an adoptive family through Mercy Ministries of America, click here to download the Adoption Process document. If you are an expectant mother who is interested in our residential program or know someone who may be interested, we invite you to contact us at (615) 831-6987 or