Thursday, November 11, 2010

Angelo and Veronica Petrucci Visit Mercy Ministries

Veronica Petrucci
Three time Dove Award winning Christian singer Veronica Petrucci knows all too well what it is like to be a young woman struggling with depression, fear, and self hatred. Yesterday, our Nashville residents had the incredible opportunity to hear her story of healing and transformation. Growing up, Veronica had a difficult relationship with her father, a distorted body image, and was consumed with fear. After the birth of her first child, she was in such a deep depression that she thought about killing herself daily. Veronica encouraged the girls that by renewing her mind with the Word of God and speaking it aloud she began to heal. She got actively involved in her church and over time, with the love and support of her husband and friends, she found freedom from these life-controlling issues.

Veronica and her husband, Angelo, performed a few of their songs for the girls, including Dare to Dream, an incredibly inspirational song selected for the 2006 Special Olympics. Their powerful voices and humble hearts were such a blessing to all our residents and staff. Here’s what some of the girls had to say about what they learned:

“I could relate to how Veronica dealt with low self-esteem, a spirit of fear, self loathing, and depression. I learned that God wants to heal me from the inside out and that speaking the Word of God daily is powerful medicine!” - Kate

“I loved how real she was. She is a walking testimony of healing and you can see the joy that she has. I am going to read the Word of God out loud and have some encouraging people in my life.” - Jorey

“It was really neat to hear Veronica speak today because I related so much to her story, struggles, and fears. God used this to encourage me and remind me how much power and authority we have as believers! I don’t want to live with fear anymore and I will use my voice and God’s Word to combat fear. I will choose to believe the truth!” - Kayla

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Veronica and Angelo Petrucci with Nancy Alcorn