Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Nicole C. Mullen Visits Mercy Ministries!

Nicole C. Mullen
The residents and staff at our Nashville home were so excited to have Nicole C. Mullen as their guest speaker yesterday! Not only is Nicole an award winning singer and songwriter, but she is a gifted teacher of God’s Word as well. She shared her personal testimony of learning to forgive and trusting God even when you don’t understand. “We get to the other side because we choose to trust Him in the middle,” she told the girls.

After her teaching, Nicole blessed everyone with her music and a special presentation by TeamNCM, a group of teenagers Nicole mentors who tour with her and minister through dance and drama. These amazing teenagers demonstrated the power of God’s Word in their lives as they quoted whole passages of scripture they had memorized and encouraged our residents to make God’s Word a top priority in their lives.

Nicole and her team hung around afterwards to spend some personal time with the girls, pose for pictures, and personally autograph the 8x10 promotional pictures she brought for each girl. We are so grateful to Nicole and TeamNCM for taking the time to encourage us all. Her powerful voice, inspiring lyrics and solid teaching were a blessing we won’t soon forget!

Nancy Alcorn with Nicole C. Mullen and the TeamNCM girls