Monday, October 11, 2010

Nancy Alcorn Speaks at Northridge Church

Nancy Alcorn shares the story of Mercy Ministries
Founder and President of Mercy Ministries, Nancy Alcorn, had the incredible privilege of speaking at Northridge Church in White House, TN yesterday pastored by Derek and Rachel Capello.  Nancy spoke about the struggle she faced working in a girls’ juvenile correctional facility and the frustration of not being allowed to share Christ.  She knew that life transformation would never come as a result of any government system and that only Christ could bring restoration to the lives of these young women.  Nancy shared her journey of obedience in starting Mercy Ministries and challenged everyone to examine God’s call on their own lives by asking, “Who is on the other side of your obedience?” 

Following the service, Nancy and the Nashville residents had lunch at Pastors Derek and Rachel Capello’s home.  Special thanks to Pastors Derek and Rachel and Northridge Church for your support of Mercy Ministries.  

We also want to thank Shelayne McDaniel, the State Director of One Heart Ministries and member of Northridge Church, for her love and care for our girls.  Not only is she overseeing a mentoring program for some of our graduates, but she is also directing a statewide campaign to raise awareness and bring in funding for a new Mercy home.  This campaign was called 10-10-10, a takeoff of October 10th, 2010, as the ending date for a campaign that has been going on since July.  We will be reporting on this at a later time once the results are in.  A special thanks to Shelayne for her awesome friendship and strong support for the hurting young women we serve.

For more information about Pastors Derek and Rachel Capello and Northridge Church, check out  Also, to learn more about One Heart Ladies and the 10.10.10 campaign, check out

Pastor Derek Capello of Northridge Church

Nancy, Pastors Derek and Rachel Capello, and the Nashville Residents

Shelayne McDaniel, Nancy Alcorn, Pastors Rachel and Derek Capello