Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Weekends are for Having Fun at Mercy!!!

Each weekday at Mercy Ministries is structured to serve the girls as they go through the healing process. They have meals together, praise and worship, two class periods, biblical counseling, and of course some recreational time. But by Friday, everyone gets a little “cabin fever” and is ready for a little time off. On Friday afternoons, the residents go out to lunch together and take a trip to the mall. They stop by Target or Walmart to pick up any personal items they need and then finish up the afternoon at the Christian bookstore.

On Friday nights, the girls watch movies, sports, home makeover shows, or play board games. On Saturday mornings, they are allowed to sleep in and can stay in their pajamas all day. They play guitar, give themselves manicures and pedicures or just hang out and relax. Sometimes they are even invited to go to a local sporting event or to a Mercy supporter’s home for a pool party.

Weekends are also a time for the girls to make and receive phone calls from family and friends and after 30 days in the program, each girl is allowed a weekend pass so she can stay with her family either at home or a local hotel.

The residents at Mercy Ministries come voluntarily and are serious about getting the help they so desperately need but it’s important that they take time to rest and have fun too! Check out this video of residents from all of our homes enjoying the weekend: