Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mercy Graduates Spread the Word

Mercy Ministries graduates go on to do lots of amazing things. They are mothers, scholars, soldiers, missionaries, and even writers using their gifts to spread hope. Shortly after graduating from the St. Louis home, Hannah started her website,; a Christian based online magazine for young girls. It is a place where girls can come and learn about fashion, beauty, and health, without the negative messages they get from other magazines, but it is also a place where they can learn about God, spiritual growth, the Bible, and each other. Holly Wagner, founder of GodChicks and Co-founder of Oasis Christian Center, recently offered words of wisdom in a great video message to the girls of Unleashed Beauty.

One of Hannah’s goals is to use the site to introduce other girls and possible donors to Mercy Ministries. Several Mercy graduates have shared their powerful stories of transformation on the website and 2008 graduate, Tara, is a contributing writer to the website. Tara is studying Journalism at Belmont University and was featured in a television promo for Run For Mercy in April on a local Nashville news station.

Be sure to check out Hannah’s awesome website and see what Holly Wagner had to say by going to

For more information about Holly Wagner and GodChicks, go to