Monday, August 23, 2010

Christian Rock Band, Circleslide, Visits Mercy Ministries

Last week, residents at the Nashville home were so excited to have up and coming Christian rock band, Circleslide, visit the home. Members of the band, Gabe Martinez (guitar, lead vocals, harmonica), Eric Vickers (bass, vocals), Jonathan DeAnda (electric guitar, vocals), and Lee Yoder (drums) toured the home Thursday morning and performed their soon to be released single “Looking Up” at the opening of the graduation ceremony. Here’s what lead singer, Gabe Martinez had to say about the experience:

"The band and I were not prepared for the life-changing event that was our visit to Mercy Ministries. Touring the facilities, meeting the wonderful staff, and participating in the graduation will not soon be forgotten. Etched in our memory is the way the Mercy staff pours into each girl in the program with attentiveness to their uniqueness and personality. The time of worship was sweet and rich, radiating with each girls individual story and reminding me of the power of God's redemption. We were so humbled by the experience and each of us walked away in awe of how God’s grace has the ability to restore us all.”
-Gabe Martinez

“From the moment I walked in the doors at Mercy Ministries, I knew God's work was being done there. The thought that kept running through my mind as we were touring the facilities and then sitting in the graduation ceremony was ‘This feels like home.’ To hear the stories, and see pictures of where Amanda, Sarah, and Kara (the graduates) were before coming to Mercy brought tears to nearly everyone’s eyes. But as the girls finished their testimonies, those tears of disgust and sorrow turned into tears of joy and praise to God, because the healing that took place in the girls’ lives was so undeniable. I've always known that Love is a powerful thing. I have an even better grip on how powerful it is now. After seeing the lives changed, because of the love displayed to "the least of these," I would encourage everyone who has thought about it, to invest into Mercy Ministries!”
- Lee Yoder

Check out this video of the band performing at the graduation ceremony:

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