Friday, July 2, 2010

Mercy Ministries Special Thank You to CAbi

Residents of the Nashville home were surprised with a “shopping spree”, when 40 boxes of designer clothes arrived at the home thanks to The Heart of CAbi Foundation! There were hundreds of items for the girls to choose from and for some of them, the clothes were the nicest they had ever owned. All of the other Mercy homes will receive similar clothes donations in the next few days! Here is what one of our staff members who witnessed the spree had to say:

What a privilege it was to pass out these beautiful clothes to the Nashville residents. It was incredible to see the looks of shock on their faces when they found out the clothes were free. Their faces really lit up when they came in to “model” what they got! Each girl felt so beautiful and blessed by this amazing CAbi donation. A huge thank you to The Heart of CAbi Foundation for blessing Mercy Ministries in this way.—Whitney Nall, Nashville Community Relations Manager

The Heart of CAbi Foundation is an extension of CAbi, a designer clothing company that provides a personal shopping experience through home-based parties. Here is the mission of The Heart of CAbi Foundation as described on their website:

(From the website)
Established in 2005, The Heart of CAbi Foundation, in partnership with CAbi, LLC, works to fulfill the mission of providing the poor and disenfranchised women of the world a greater opportunity and realization of empowerment through the gifts of our clothing, our financial support, and our volunteer efforts, all given in the spirit of God’s love.

Thanks to The Heart of CAbi Foundation and founder Carol Anderson for a donation that will allow these young women to walk into the future with style!