Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mercy Ministries Celebrates Two More Changed Lives!

Residents and staff gathered at the Lincoln and St. Louis homes last week to celebrate the graduation of two more incredible young women. Each of these young women has shown great courage and are now experiencing the freedom that can only come from walking with God. Here are their compelling stories of transformation:

St. Louis

Meghan C

I endured a lot of abuse growing up and never felt like I had any worth. I tried to appear perfect to gain acceptance, but my efforts never seemed to be enough. I learned to hide my emotions and be self-sufficient at a very early age never trusting anybody. By the time I came to Mercy, I had been battling an eating disorder and self-harm for 10 years, was addicted to drugs, and wanted to die. I was full of guilt and condemnation and saw no hope.

At Mercy, God set me free from everything! I am a precious daughter of the King and am loved with an everlasting love. God will take everything that the enemy meant for harm and use it for my good. He has shown me the truth of who I am and given me the freedom to be the person I was created to be!

I plan to return to college to finish my degree as a Child Life Specialist. I hope to get a Master’s Degree in Counseling and work in full-time ministry.


Laura M

My life before Mercy was chaotic and full of heartache. Each and every day was a battle to try and stay alive. I was trying to fill a void in my life to get that love and attention. I never knew how to deal with my emotions, and I would stuff my feelings. It soon came to a point where I used heroin to help numb my emotions completely.

God has released me from my addiction of substance abuse. He has taught me how to deal with my emotions so I no longer want to numb the pain. God has taken all the past hurt and pain that was tormenting me and filled me with a love and peace that the world can’t offer. I have been forgiven and healed.

My plans are to get involved in my church and continue seeking God. I plan on pursuing a fashion degree and opening my own fashion line and boutique.

Congratulations Meghan and Laura! We are so encouraged by your stories of freedom and to see your hearts filled with the love of Christ. We look forward to following your journey as you embrace the future with hope!