Thursday, May 20, 2010

Adopted Mercy Baby, Now High School Graduate, is Awarded a College Scholarship!

Eighteen years ago, Merri Duff’s birthmother came to Mercy Ministries facing an unplanned pregnancy. While in the program, she made the difficult decision to place her child for adoption and hoped to find a loving family to care for Merri. She was very involved in the adoption process, even making a list of things she had in her heart for Merri’s adoptive family to be. God provided a wonderful family that matched her list and they adopted Merri.

Since her adoption, Merri and her adoptive family have stayed very involved with Mercy. When Merri was a baby, she and her new family attended the groundbreaking for the Nashville home. Here, Merri is pictured with Mercy Ministries Founder and President, Nancy Alcorn and several other adopted babies from Mercy who were also at the event.

As Merri grew older, she began volunteering at Mercy Ministries, even spending a large part of her summer vacation helping in the Nashville office. Merri has a huge heart for Mercy and cares very deeply for the young women currently in the program.

This year, Merri is graduating from high school and it is inspiring to see the beautiful young woman that she has become! Her servant heart is not only a blessing to Mercy Ministries but also to the church she attends in Nashville, Christ Church. Each year, Christ Church awards the Emmy and Eric Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to distinguished students who demonstrate a “love of service to the Lord and love of scholarship and learning.” Merri is one of three recipients of the award this year which will help provide her with a college education.

We are so proud of Merri and the amazing young woman she has grown to be! We look forward to all God has in store for her. Congratulations Merri!