Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Special Visit from Musicians Grant and Brooke Norsworthy

3Last Wednesday, Nashville staff and residents were excited to host special guests Grant and Brooke Norsworthy. Originally from Australia, Grant is a Grammy nominated and Dove Award winning musician who originally came to the public’s attention as bass guitarist for the popular Paul Coleman Trio in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Grant also spent the last 3 ½ years as the bassist for the widely known worship rock band Sonicflood. Most recently, he has been gaining a reputation as a speaker - he describes his ministry as a “word and song” ministry which combines his passion to teach with his musical talent. His wife Brooke, also a talented vocalist, accompanied her husband in leading worship together.

Here is what some of the residents had to say in response to their time with the Norsworthys:

Kelly said, “I absolutely loved hearing from Grant and Brooke! Their music and teaching really spoke to me and I was reminded to let there be more of God and less of me.”

Amanda said, “I loved these two! They totally opened my eyes to the fact that my healing isn’t about me stifling my fears and addictions, but instead, it’s about allowing God to fill my emptiness.”

Jessica said, “This was an amazing class. I’m so glad that they shared a message about God’s powerful love. His love is the only thing that can change me and I need to surrender to it.”

To learn more about Grant Norsworthy and his “Word and Song” ministry, visit his website at www.grantnorsworthy.com. Check out some of the pictures from their visit: