Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Promise Keepers Faithfully Serve Monroe Residents

Promise Keepers is a ministry dedicated to men who desire to encounter God’s Word, embrace their identities as His sons, and invest in meaningful relationships with their families and with each other. For over 12 years, a local chapter of Promise Keepers, along with their wives, have been faithfully visiting the Monroe, Louisiana home once a month, to spend time with our residents. Not only are they encouraging and fun, but they help residents by being tangible examples of godly men. Along with their spouses, they also present a picture of love and faithfulness in marriage.

During each visit, the Promise Keepers cook delicious food for the girls and they all enjoy a meal together. Residents look forward to this time of laughter and fellowship. A couple of the Promise Keepers always insist on cleaning the kitchen, giving the grateful residents a cherished break from this household task. After the meal, everyone gathers for a time of devotion.

During their most recent visit, group leader, Pat Williams, shared a message from Psalm 139. He explained how each person is fearfully and wonderfully made and how God uses average, everyday people to fulfill divine purposes!

Here is what a few of the residents had to say about these special visitors:

Lisa said, “The Promise Keepers have helped me see God as a Father by modeling well the love of an earthly father. I really enjoy their visits and I have been greatly blessed by their giving hearts.”

Kelli said, “When they come visit us each month for dinner and devotion, you can tell that they truly want to be here. Not only can you see their heart for God, but their heart for Mercy Ministries is evident as well.”

Lauren said, “They are an encouragement and a blessing because they care about us so much and it is really nice being around godly men who love the Lord.”

Mercy Ministries is so thankful for the gifts of time, effort and love that this special Promise Keepers group has sown into the lives of many Mercy girls over the years. To learn more about the Promise Keepers, visit their website at www.promisekeepers.org.