Friday, February 26, 2010

Seven More Mercy Girls Celebrate their Freedom!

Family, friends, staff, and residents gathered at the Mercy Ministries Nashville, Lincoln and St. Louis homes to celebrate seven more transformed lives. These young women are now full of hope and new life because of the unfailing love of God. Here are their incredible stories:

St. Louis


2Before Mercy, I was diagnosed with ADHD, depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety. I believed that my diagnoses defined who I was. Full of anger over my issues, I began to be consumed with thoughts of depression and suicide and even started dressing like “death” by wearing all black. My mom told me about Mercy, and I knew that if I did not apply, I would end up dead.

While at Mercy, I found freedom from all the oppression. I now realize that I am no longer defined by my diagnoses because I have a choice in how I will react to my circumstances. There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. The old is gone and the new has come!

When I return home, I’m going to walk out this freedom that I’ve been given. I plan to enroll in my church internship program and pursue a degree in Youth Ministry and Psychology. Mercy has been the greatest thing that ever happened to me. Thank you to all the donors who have sown financially into this awesome ministry which God has used to bring His saving grace into my life. I am eternally grateful!


4Early on in my life, I sensed a void inside that I didn’t know how to fill. Searching for the answer, I soon found myself trying to fill the void with attention from the opposite sex. I dated a lot and began having one night stands. As a result, I became a victim of date rape and abuse. In the midst of all this, I desperately wanted a relationship with God because I knew He was the source for what I truly needed. I grew tired of always being a victim to my past, and out of desperation, I applied to Mercy.

At Mercy, God has taught me that hearing His voice is the best medicine. I have learned that I am no longer a victim. Instead, I am a child of God and I have spiritual weapons that I can use each day in order to continue to walk in my freedom.

After graduation, I will return home to look for a job. I am not certain what that will look like, but I am completely trusting God with my next step!


5From a young age, I was physically abused at the hand of a family member who eventually rejected me for wanting to become a Christian. Before I knew it, this abuse led me down the road to an eating disorder and drug addiction. I was depressed and hopeless, thinking there was no way out. I really had a heart to help others, but I knew I needed to deal with my own personal baggage first. That’s when I applied to Mercy Ministries.

During my time at Mercy, I learned that you can either be a victim or you can overcome your past. It’s a choice. I learned that God loves me and He’s the best Father I will ever have. He will never forsake me or abandon me.

After I graduate, I plan to start school in the fall at UNC Chapel Hill so I can pursue a degree in Journalism and International Studies. Eventually, I want to do missions work and use my degree to write about my experiences. I want to share God’s transforming work in my life with others.



6I grew up feeling rejected and inadequate. I was completely consumed with thoughts of suicide, and I spent almost 6 years checking in and out of treatment centers for my depression and anorexia. Not trusting myself, I wanted to be in treatment because it was the only place I felt safe. Several friends and family members urged me to get help and eventually, I found out about Mercy and knew it was my last chance to receive healing from my life-controlling issues.

While being at Mercy, I have learned that I am fully accepted in Christ. No matter what, He accepts me! I have value because He values me. I don’t need any other reason. By taking my negative thoughts captive and challenging them with the truth of God’s Word, I have total freedom from restricting food or harming myself!

When I leave Mercy, God is calling me to move to Los Angeles so I can work with children that have never been shown God’s love. I am looking forward to letting God lead me wherever He wants me to go.



3Before Mercy, my life was on a downward spiral. I was lying, manipulating, and acting out in anger which led to constant fighting with my parents. Eventually, I realized that I was hurting the people that I love the most and I knew I needed to seek help. I learned about Mercy Ministries through a counselor and decided to fill out an application.

During my time at Mercy, I’ve learned that my past doesn’t have to determine my future. I am a beautiful woman created in the image of God and the most beautiful thing about me is my HEART CHANGE! I don’t even know who that girl is that walked into Mercy a few months ago.

After I graduate, I plan to finish high school and continue my education by pursuing a college degree in Social Work. My time at Mercy has been amazing and I’m so thankful for all God has done and will continue to do in me.


7Before Mercy, I wasn’t able to live a normal life with normal responsibilities because I was always strung out on drugs. My life was passing me by and I was missing it. I didn’t trust the people around me, and that made it difficult for me to trust God. After I was arrested and spent time in jail, I thought that I wasn’t even worth being saved. I decided to apply to Mercy because I was tired of living life on my terms. I could no longer control my addiction and the consequences were too much for me to bear. I didn’t want empty religion. I wanted truth.

I have learned since being at Mercy, through the staff speaking truth into my life, that what I read from God's Word is the only truth and it is powerful. I don't have to be recovering for the rest of my life - I've been set free and now I’m fighting from a place of freedom. I truly believe that when God touches your life, you are forever changed. I’ll never be the same!

After graduating, I want to pursue a college degree in Psychology or Physical Therapy. I’m returning home to my family to rebuild my relationship with them and make up for lost time! I’m excited about my future!


1For as long as I can remember, I defined my identity by the people I hung out with or the boys that I dated. After ending up in an emotionally abusive relationship, I stopped seeking God and my relationship with my parents was slowly falling apart. I decided to apply to Mercy when I found myself pregnant at the age of 21 and needed somewhere to turn that would help me walk through the physical and emotional changes that I was facing.

Since I have been at Mercy, my relationship with my parents has been completely restored. I now find my identity in Christ, who calls me His beautiful bride. I am perfect just the way I am, and I’m excited about all the ways He will use me to further His Kingdom. I truly believe that God has used my pregnancy and my time at Mercy to save my life! Through much prayer, I decided to place my little girl for adoption. I’m glad I was able to give an amazing and loving Christian family a child they could not have.

After Mercy, I plan to return to college to finish my degree in Elementary Education. I will forever be grateful to Mercy Ministries for helping me regain my life.

Congratulations ladies! We are so excited to see you leave Mercy with a passion for life that is contagious as you reach out to others who are in need of His healing!