Thursday, February 11, 2010

Graduate Encourages California Residents

3Lindsay came to the Mercy Ministries’ Nashville home in 2007, broken and controlled by an eating disorder and the pain of past sexual abuse. While at Mercy, she allowed God’s love to change her and in turn, her life was truly transformed. Today, Lindsay is in school studying International Public Health so she can extend the love of Christ by helping to improve the standard of living for people all over the world.

Lindsay lives only a few hours away from our Sacramento, California home and wanted to share with residents some of the things she has been learning since she graduated from Mercy, so she asked if she could come for a visit. During her time with the Lincoln girls, she shared a message about her personal journey toward understanding different truths about God’s love. Using the scripture reference from Song of Songs 2:16, Lindsay explained that because we are the bride of Christ, we are worthy of love and God looks at our hearts and sees value in each of us. She encouraged residents to spend time letting God teach them about His love so they can begin to love themselves. The girls really connected with Lindsay, knowing she was once in their shoes. Lindsay had the following to say about her experience:

“My time at the Mercy Sacramento house meant so much to me. Tears filled my eyes as I pulled up to the home because I was overwhelmed by God's faithfulness. As I stepped inside, I was in complete amazement at the extravagant beauty of the new home, but I realized that the beauty of the house itself is only a mere reflection of the beauty of those within the house! Mercy is a place where the beauty of who you were made to be is revealed and embraced.”

Here is what a few of the residents had to say about Lindsay’s encouraging teaching:

Nicole said, “I appreciate her explaining how God chose me. The God of the universe loves me and chose me as His bride.”

Shelby said, “God loves me for who I am right now, and if I continue to pursue God, my calling will become more clear.”

We are so thankful to Lindsay for taking the time to come and visit and encourage our girls. Check out the pictures from her visit!

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