Monday, February 8, 2010

Exciting Weekend for Monroe Residents

This past weekend, Mercy Ministries’ residents at the Monroe home had a blast attending a life-changing conference for young women.

Lindsey Carr, Youth Pastor at Word of Life Center in Shreveport, Louisiana, invited our Monroe girls and staff to make a road trip to be a part of their True Image Conference. True Image is a ministry to young women whose aim is to silence the voices of the world to allow girls to hear the voice of God. In True Image girls learn to see themselves as God sees them, and discover the beauty of who they are in Christ. Lindsey and other True Image leaders delivered a relevant message about what it means to be a “princess warrior.” They explained that as children of God, women are royalty and they should live with purpose. In addition, an inspirational drama illustrating a woman’s journey to transformation captivated everyone’s attention. Singers Kelsi Craig (who happens to be the daughter of a Mercy graduate!) and Callie Pirtle also personally encouraged everyone with their heartfelt worship to the Lord.

The Mercy residents were inspired to fashion their life after Christ and make a difference in their generation. Many of the girl’s lives were deeply impacted as a result of the conference. Here is what a few of them had to say:

Kelli said, “This weekend I learned that I am royalty:, a daughter of the King, clothed in strength and dignity. I am a fighter whose mission is to use the personal battles I have fought to help others. Most importantly, I can live my life with a purpose, which is to be fully pleasing to my Heavenly Father.”

Kati said, “I love the way Lindsey Carr empowers young women to live the way God has called them to live, as warrior princesses! I left the conference ready to influence the world around me as a mighty woman of God.”

Jordan said, “I loved the worship, prayer time, and amazing message! I felt loved and it was so cool that I was able to be there.”

The True Image team has been visiting the Monroe home every other month to encourage residents and pamper them with spa treatments. Lindsey said, “I have such a heart for seeing these young women transformed and I really love hanging out with them.”

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