Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Special Guests at Mercy Ministries - Residents and Staff Discover their Strengths!

Nashville girls and staff had an incredible day of encouragement and teaching this past Monday with a few very special guests. It was a privilege to have Dr. Alina Lehnert, Associate Director of Leadership and Strength Development at Evangel University and her sister Briana Leach, take time away from their busy schedules to help develop the strengths of Mercy Ministries’ staff and residents. After every resident and staff member took the Gallup’s Strengths Finder assessment, they had the opportunity to discuss how they are each created with individual strengths and talents, and they learned how to maximize their strengths in the workplace and daily life. Staff discovered how they can work more effectively with their team members and residents were empowered to realize their potential by focusing on the unique talents that God gave them. Everyone was encouraged by the teachings!

Briana, Nancy Alcorn and Alina

Dr Alina Lehnert teaching our Nashville staff

Briana working with our girls

Here is what a few of the girls had to say about these special visitors:

Ally, a resident, said, “Finding out what my strengths are and understanding what they mean was interesting. The way they all work together made me understand myself better. I also realized how unique we are and how we can all work together and compliment and feed off others. Seeing the good in some of my strengths and understanding how to use them in productive ways was helpful. I plan to implement this information by reminding myself that God made me and on one else is just like me.”

Kay, a staff member said, “It was eye opening to hear that our culture has taught us to be “well rounded”, however, God made us each with unique strengths, not to do everything well, but do what He created us for with excellence. It was also encouraging to realize when we partner with others, our different strengths compliment each other and make us better together than we are alone.”

Shaina, a resident, said,”Wow! Boy did I enjoy this seminar, it made me realize a lot about myself and why I am the way that I am. The speaker said “the more you know yourself the easier it is for you to relate to others. I see now that God fashions people differently. All these years I’ve wasted wanting to be like someone else, God was just waiting for me to discover what and who He made me! AND He did a beautiful job! I am uniquely Shaina!”

A special thanks to Dr. Alina Lehnert and Briana Leach for spending the day at Mercy Ministries! To learn more about Strengths Finder resources, visit

To learn more about Dr. Alina and Briana’s long term relationship with Mercy, check out Nancy Alcorn’s blog at