Wednesday, January 13, 2010

JCLU Forever Partners with Mercy Ministries

1JCLU or “Jesus Christ Loves U” was originally created by the Fong family - Louis, Kim, Zoey and Chynna, - in order to raise money for their church youth group. Since that time, JCLU has become a great resource for women’s Christian apparel. They offer a unique line of women’s t-shirts and apparel featuring inspiring words and artwork. The Fong family has recently decided to donate 10% of their product sales to Mercy Ministries.

Having experienced the heartache of watching a beloved sister develop a drug addiction that led her into the world of prostitution, Louis Fong wishes his family had found Mercy Ministries early on. “Today my sister is currently serving a 4-year term for a drug related offense, and she has lost custody of her children. I believe that Mercy is truly a healing ministry and had my sister known to apply, she could have been helped. I was much too young at the time to have known how to help her,” he explained. Louis and his family are still believing that God will help his sister, and they dedicate their partnership with Mercy Ministries to her and to all the young ladies out there who are hurting and in need of God’s mercy.

“For our family, the decision to sow into Mercy was unanimous, and it was confirmed in our spirit,” said Louis. “God wants us to help this ministry grow. We believe that Mercy is a healing place and we hope and pray that we can see this ministry help many young girls out there like my sister. We dedicate this to her!”

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