Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thunder School Rocks the Nashville Home

Thunder School is a creative, compassionate inner-city ministry with teams that use different forms of media – praise and worship, dance, drama, and rap – to share about Christ. Students are encouraged to take their creative arts outside the four walls of the church and to meet people right where they are. Forty students from Thunder School took time out to pay a special visit to the Mercy Ministries’ Nashville home to perform and minister to our girls.

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Founder of Thunder School, Pastor Scott McLeod, shared with residents about God’s heart for worship. By using your talents to unite with others who share a passion for God, he explained, you can revolutionize your sphere of influence. Residents were encouraged to think about what passions God had put inside of them that they can use to worship Him.


One member of Thunder School is a Mercy graduate from 1993! Rashelle came to Mercy Ministries in Monroe with an unplanned pregnancy 16 years ago and chose to parent her son, Chance, who was born in July of 1993. She introduced Chance to the staff and girls, as well as her other son, Christian.

1993 Mercy graduate, Rashelle,
pictured with her sons, Chance and Christian

We were absolutely thrilled to have Thunder School visit our Nashville home and we can’t wait for them to come back! Here is what some of the Mercy girls had to say in response to their time at Mercy Ministries:

Meagan said, “They were absolutely amazing! I loved the concept they shared with us about praise being my weapon against the enemy!”

Amber said, “Everyone from Thunder School really blessed me. They are really talented and I hope they’ll be able to come back soon.”

Jen said, “Wow, their stories, songs and prayers were so real and comforting. They were so much fun!”

Jessica said, “I loved it! They were so filled with joy and they reminded me that I can’t live like a victim. I’m ready to be a victor!”

To learn more about Pastor Scott MacLeod and the Thunder School, check out their website at