Thursday, December 17, 2009

Jeremy Cowart Photographs Nashville Residents for Help Portrait

Last Saturday, Mercy Ministries’ Nashville residents traveled to Rocketown in downtown Nashville for what was for most, a once in a lifetime opportunity to have their hair and makeup skillfully done and to pose for a professional self-portrait. Jeremy Cowart, a Nashville-based artist and photographer whose skillful photography has captured rock stars, presidents and fashion models, spearheaded the national effort called Help Portrait that united more than 6,000 volunteers, including photographers, make-up artists and lighting specialists for a worldwide photo shoot. Unlike the typical photography shoot, Cowart had a vision to bless people who are unlikely to have an opportunity to have their picture professionally taken and printed. Help Portrait took place on Saturday, December 12 in almost every state and in almost 60 countries. In a 24 hour period, they logged more than 30,000 portraits.

The Mercy Ministries Nashville residents were excited to be a part of Cowart’s shoot as they each had the chance to feel special and beautiful, but were equally moved by the unparalleled generosity of the volunteers who were giving time to recognize everyone’s beauty and value. Cowart said, “I’m not sure who received more from this event, the Mercy girls or our photography team.”

Here is what a few of the residents had to say about their portrait session:

Sarah said, “This was an incredible experience that I will never forget. I really enjoyed it and appreciated it!”

Maddye said, “This was an amazing day!! I had so much fun and I felt so loved and so beautiful.”

Rachael said, “What a great opportunity for me! It gave me the chance to get dressed up and feel really pretty for the day. I’m so thankful that they would offer their services to all the
girls and to the rest of the community.”

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