Thursday, December 31, 2009

Graduate Speaks Out About Her Transformed Life and Restored Marriage!

We thought you might like to read a remarkable story of personal transformation, a changed family, and a restored marriage from a graduate who has now dedicated her life to sharing her story with others. Rachel came to Mercy in 2008 battling a drug addiction, depression and suicidal thoughts. She and her husband had been divorced for about four months, and Rachel was heartbroken because her addictions and unhealthy relationships had caused her to lose custody of her children. While at Mercy, Rachel rededicated her life to Christ, and was able to gain freedom from the issues that were controlling her life. At the time of her graduation, Rachel did not think that she and her husband would be able to reconcile as so much damage had been done because of her own poor choices. Here is what Rachael had to say about her experiences, what she learned during her time at Mercy Ministries and how God has completely restored all that was lost.

“I was raised in a ‘godly’ home, but when I was 19 years old, my father divorced our family and soon after married my mother’s best friend. I chose to act out by turning to drugs and being promiscuous to find comfort. I soon found myself pregnant and thought the only thing to do was to marry the father. My relationship with my husband had been based on drugs and partying for so long that when we sobered up we had no idea who the other person was. It was a horrible time. I sank into depression and turned to painkillers to numb my internal pain. My unhappiness led me into an extramarital affair and I decided to divorce my husband. During this time, I put my children in countless dangerous situations and my drug addiction led me to allow a long time "friend" and convicted drug dealer to move into my tiny apartment with his two children. My life then took a turn for the worst. I had to have drugs to function, to sleep at night, and then to wake up in the morning. My children were always afraid so my ex husband told me that he had to take the kids. I knew he was right. Soon after, my drug addiction caused me to lose my job. I wanted to die. I felt like I was loosing my mind. I just wanted to give up. After hearing about Mercy from a family member, I knew that this was my last hope.

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When I arrived at Mercy, it was the day before my 31st birthday. Happy Birthday to me!! I’m pretty sure I had taken some pills on the drive there. I had no idea what to expect and the anxiety overwhelming me was too much to take. I remember seeing a girl in the computer room as she was typing her testimony out because she was going to be graduating that week. She was so beautiful and had a light about her that I wanted. I missed my babies and I cried A LOT but I’m so thankful that I stuck it out.

God saved my life through Mercy’s tough love! I needed someone to reach down and pick me up that didn’t have an emotional attachment to my situation. I needed someone to speak TRUTH into my life and pound it into my heart until I believed nothing else. I needed to believe that there was a hope for me and my situation. God met me at Mercy, right where I was, in the middle of the overwhelming mess that I had created for myself. He carried me when I couldn’t carry myself, and when I was strong enough to walk, He walked with me. He shed His light into the dark corners of my heart, and I began to have fun and laugh!! I began to put my identity in Him and this changed everything.

Since leaving Mercy, I have been privileged to speak to other hurting, lost women about my experience and how God saved my life. God has filled my mouth with a word and it cannot be silenced. I love it!!! My ex husband and I had been going through counseling at our church and were beginning to give up but God showed up! God completely transformed his heart towards me and he began to see me through His eyes. God gave him a new desire and a new love for me. The night before mother’s day, my ex husband showed up with our two precious children, got down on bended knee and told me that he knew God had changed my life and that our past was forgiven. He said that he and the kids were wondering if I would marry them again!! On June 19th, 2009 the family Satan tried so desperately to destroy was brought into a covenant with Jesus Christ. I am a mother again and a wife again and I have a story to tell about an amazing Savior who cherishes every detail of my life. No longer a drug addict, I now know who I really am. I am a princess of the Most High King!!”


Rachel’s family is celebrating her transformation with her and they are excited about the remarkable changes they see in her life! Here is what a few of her family members have to say about Rachel’s journey:

Rachel’s grandparents, Sara and Dan, said, “She is like a different person, a new creature in the Lord. It is truly a miracle!!! We will be eternally grateful to Mercy Ministries for what it has done for our family.”

Rachel’s aunt Barbara said, “Where do I even begin to thank you for all you and God have done for Rachel. She is a different person! What a path God has for all of us! Sometimes we can’t see it forming but boy does He always have a plan!”

Rachel’s mom Becky said, “Rachel continues to give her testimony in front of a lot of people. She is so honest and transparent and I think that is what is reaching people. God is so good.”