Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dianne Wilson Impacts California Residents!

2Dianne Wilson and her husband Jonathan are Senior Associate Pastors of Newport Church in Newport Beach, California. Dianne is also a much sought-after speaker in churches and conferences around the world and a bestselling author. Last Friday, California residents and staff were so excited to have Dianne take time out of her busy schedule to pay a special visit to the new Sacramento home.

Dianne was so excited to get to see the new home first hand before spending time encouraging our girls and staff by sharing a powerful message about resting in God’s approval rather than seeking man’s approval. The girls and staff were deeply touched and impacted by her honesty as she encouraged them to embrace who they are in their appearance and to see themselves the way God sees them. Dianne also presented each of the residents an autographed copy of her book Mirror Mirror, that gives practical advice for overcoming feelings of rejection and discovering one’s true identity in Christ!

We were absolutely thrilled to have Dianne Wilson visit our Sacramento home and we can’t wait for her to come back!

Here is what some of the Mercy girls had to say in response to Dianne’s time at Mercy Ministries:

Heather said, “Dianne’s message truly touched my heart. She is such an anointed woman of God, and I am so blessed that I got to meet her and hear her speak.”

Shelby said, “She taught me how to look at myself through the eyes of God and that gave me the ability to raise my self esteem!”

Amanda said, “It’s easy for me to forget that when God created me, He said that it was good. When Diane spoke, it reminded me that God approves of me completely just as I am.”

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To learn more about Pastors Jonathan and Dianne Wilson or Newport Church, visit their website