Thursday, December 24, 2009

Cornerstone Church Impacts Several Mercy Graduates this Christmas

Every year at Christmas time, Cornerstone Church in Madison, TN celebrates the true meaning of this season by choosing several families in need within their church and showering them generously with gifts that meet specific needs. This year was no different, except that they decided to extend their reach to the community! Cornerstone Church contacted our Nashville home to see if they could bless any local Mercy graduates in the Middle Tennessee area.

Mercy Ministries contacted eight of our local graduates and their families, who each made their way to Cornerstone Church this past Sunday. Throughout the special Christmas service, each family was presented with gifts that met a huge need in their lives. In fact, one local graduate, Monica, received the biggest surprise. During the giving service, a 1995 Mercedes S500 was driven into the sanctuary and presented to her as her gift! As a single mom who is going to school and working to be able to provide for her son, this was such an amazing and unexpected blessing!!!

Our graduates were greatly impacted by the spirit of this giving and the tremendous effort and generosity demonstrated by the Cornerstone congregation was a beautiful reminder of the true meaning of Christmas. What a memorable service!

Mercy Ministries chose girls who are continuing to make positive choices and walk out their freedom since graduating from Mercy, but who needed a little extra help this Christmas. To give a few specific examples of how this project impacted our girls, 2007 graduate, Cynthia, is a single mom, so when she and her kids were gifted with a Christmas tree and bunk beds along with toys and clothes for the kids, she was overwhelmed and filled with gratitude. 2008 graduate, Rachel, her husband Jeffrey and their kids, Chance and Emma, are going to love eating dinner together around their new dining room table!

We are so grateful to Cornerstone Church for choosing to reach outside their walls this Christmas season and help their community, which happened to include several of our former residents. To learn more about Cornerstone Church, visit their website at Check out these pictures from this impactful Christmas service!