Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Christmas They Will Never Forget!

3For many of our residents, Christmas time at Mercy Ministries is the first time they truly experience unconditional love and giving without strings attached. It is so much fun to see their faces when they open their gifts! Nancy Alcorn, Founder and President of Mercy Ministries, makes sure to be in attendance for the special Christmas parties every year in all of our U.S. homes. At each gathering tears are inevitably shed as the unconditional love of God is demonstrated through the generous donations we receive. For many residents, the sacrificial giving by hundreds of people who do not even know them, often heals some of the very painful memories of past Christmases.

For those of you who helped make this Christmas the best our girls have ever had, we want you to know that the residents were deeply impacted. Each girl had something to say about how special this Christmas was to them and the tremendous impact it had on their lives. Here is what a few of the residents had to say:

Michelle said, “The Mercy Christmas party was a once in a lifetime memory that will last forever! There were many tears of overwhelming gratitude and joy at realizing how much people care. There is a God that loves us so beautifully!”

Hayley said, “I will, without a doubt, remember this night for the rest of my life! This expression of love and generosity was truly overwhelming for us. To be able to experience this with my Mercy sisters was so special.”

Katie said, “Never before have I felt so loved and blessed by the generosity of others. It gave me a brand new perspective on giving and taught me about selfless love. Thank you so much to all who made this Christmas possible!”

For those of you who chose to generously contribute Christmas presents for the residents, we would like for you to see some pictures of the girls as they opened their gifts. The emotions were high as they were presented with some truly remarkable gifts that included personally embroidered duffle bags, hoodie sweatshirts, and pajamas just to name a few!

Also, each year our donors have the opportunity to write the residents a note of encouragement on paper ornaments and these notes are hung on the branches of the Mercy Christmas trees displayed in the homes. Here are a few pictures of the girls reading their notes and being encouraged by not only your gifts, but your inspiring words.

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Christmas at Mercy is always overwhelming. We are so grateful for your expressions of unconditional love that has given our young women a Christmas that they will never forget.