Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mercy Ministries Graduates Change the World!!

After graduates leave the Mercy Ministries program, they often desire to find a way to give back and to share the hope that they have found in Christ with their communities and even the world. Several of our graduates dedicated weeks and months of their summer beaks to share the love of Christ on missions trips, and we were excited to help support them both financially and in prayer. Here are a few of their remarkable testimonies.

Traveled to the Dominican Republic
1Before Ima came to Mercy Ministries in 2005, she was living in the grip of an eating disorder as a result of a very painful childhood. She graduated from Mercy with restored hope and a new passion for life. Since she was a child, Ima felt God calling her to a life of full-time mission work in other nations. This past July, she had the exciting opportunity to travel to the Dominican Republic. Ima was able to use her God-given compassion to serve others. Here is an excerpt from a thank you email Ima wrote to Mercy Ministries founder, Nancy Alcorn, about her experience:

“We were able to serve the pastors and the team of missionaries in the area. Our group raised about $2,000 for a local church and they were just overwhelmed as we delivered new sound equipment, instruments, chairs, and other items… This was truly a life changing experience for me. I received so much perspective and a love for the people there. I am blown away at all the Lord did in and through our team and I am sure we will all be processing and reflecting for a long time to come. Thank you again for all your prayers and support!!”

In Guatemala for Missions
3Kimberly came to Mercy in 2006 and allowed herself to submit to God’s love for the first time so she could ultimately experience complete transformation. Since then, she has followed her calling to do missions in Panimaquin, Guatemala, making a huge impact in the lives of hurting people by helping to provide opportunities through schools, feeding programs, health care, and vocational training. Here is an excerpt from an email Kimberly wrote us this summer while on the mission field:

“I would like to thank you for your prayer support and for supporting my stay here in Guatamala… Know that you are a vital part of this mission, and that you are involved here as well…bringing about change in the lives of many people, healing sickness, disease, and hearts once broken. Thank you for your willingness to serve the Lord with a generous heart. May you be continually showered by the love of the Lord, wrapped in His everlasting arms, and kept in perfect peace.”


On the Mission Field in Haiti
4Samantha came to Mercy Ministries in 2008 and was set free from bondage to live victoriously in Christ! She has since gone on to pursue her heart for missions work in Haiti this past summer. As Samantha stated, “We want to be a light to those who are in darkness, as well as an encouragement to those who already know Christ as their Savior.”


Ministered to Orphans in Haiti
2Katie came to Mercy Ministries in 2006 to let go of a painful past and find hope for the future. This past summer, she had the opportunity to participate in missions work in Haiti, and has developed a deeper reliance on God through experience in Haiti. We received an exciting letter from her telling us about her trip. Here is an excerpt:

“We had the privilege of loving on many amazingly beautiful orphans and we fed new mothers… From the time the kids would awake until they were forced to go to their houses for bed, they were all over us because of our love. Thank you to Mercy for being a part of this trip, as well as for being the catalyst and home for me where I was brought into the full understanding of the love of my Savior who saved me from death and destruction. I was able to relate so much to these kids because of my experiences. I’m forever grateful!”


Traveling to Thailand Next Year
Audrey came to Mercy Ministries in 2008, she felt hopeless and desperate for help. She has been transformed by God’s love and will be extending hope to other needy people in Thailand next year, ministering to the needs of those who have been rescued from the victimization of human trafficking. Here is an excerpt from a letter Audrey wrote us in preparation for her trip:

“I have never traveled overseas before, and this is a step that requires me to venture out in faith and in turn, walk out my faith, knowing that God has a perfect plan in mind. I am trusting that God will provide a way to make this possible. Please pray that the Lord would continue to teach me things that He wants me to learn and mold me more into His image.”

Here are our other graduates who have committed their time this past summer to serving in other nations.

Ali – Uganda, Africa
Chelsea – Honduras
Brooke – Guatamala
Rita – El Salvador

We are so proud of all these graduates who are using their own personal stories of transformation to extend hope to a lost and hurting world. Remember that your support for Mercy Ministries is a gift that gives over and over again as Mercy graduates leave our program transformed and ready to make a difference in the world.