Friday, November 27, 2009

Amazing Volunteer Opportunity for St. Louis Residents

Albert Pujols, star first baseman for the St. Louis Cardinals, and his wife Deidre, are long time supporters of Mercy Ministries. This amazing couple has a beautiful daughter with Down Syndrome, which has inspired them to reach out and love children and families of children with the same issue. The Pujols Family Foundation provides hope for families and children who live with Down Syndrome.

As part of their ministry, Albert and Deidre host an annual prom that gives local teens and adults with Down Syndrome the opportunity to attend a formal dance. Mercy Ministries St. Louis residents were invited to the Crown Plaza in Clayton, IL as volunteers to greet the prom guests at the red carpet entrance with cheering and applause, as they were welcomed to their prom.

Each couple had the chance to pose for a traditional “prom picture” with a photographer and enjoy amazing food, but the highlight of the event was of course the dance. After everyone arrived, Mercy residents spent most of the evening dancing with the guests. The entire event was a blast for everyone!

Here is what a few of our residents had to say about their volunteer experience at the Pujols Family Foundation prom event:

Amy said, “Having the opportunity to volunteer at the Pujols’ Prom was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Seeing the excited look on all of their faces as they walked the red carpet was a reward in and of itself. Not only that, but having a fun, cut-loose time on the dance floor made the evening one I’ll never forget.”

Mandie said, “Honestly, I had more fun than I did at my own prom! We danced the night away! Not only did we bless them, but I felt so blessed and the guests made me feel special. This experience really impacted me and is definitely a Mercy memory I will never forget!”

Katie said, “This was one of the most inspirational experiences of my life. It was an honor to participate in such a heartwarming and joyous event. I could have danced with them all night long. I wish my own prom had been this fun!”

To learn more about Albert and Deidre Pujols and the Pujols Family Foundation, visit their website

Check out these fun pictures from the Pujols’ Family Prom night!