Monday, October 26, 2009

Special Visit from Peru Pastor, Robert Barriger

Pastor Robert Barriger, and his wife Karyn, have been faithful friends and supporters of Mercy Ministries for many years. As the founder of the largest church in Lima, Peru, Camino de Vida (Way of Life Church), Pastor Barriger has spent over 26 years starting ministries including churches, orphanages, children’s ministries, wheelchair distribution centers, medical ministies, and battered women’s homes throughout the country. Having experienced the heartache of having a daughter who battled an eating disorder, Pastor Barriger has a special place in his heart for hurting young women. In fact, his daughter Jenna is a graduate of Mercy Ministries in Australia, and their family first learned of Mercy when they were searching for help for Jenna. Today Jenna is happily married with her first child, and she and her husband are youth pastors. Pastors Robert and Karyn have such a passion for Mercy Ministries that they are helping spearhead Mercy’s first Spanish speaking home in Peru.

Our Nashville residents enjoyed welcoming Pastor Barriger as our special guest on Tuesday. He was in town speaking at a conference and made time to come by and spend time with the Mercy girls. The girls absolutely loved hearing his amazing message about believing there is justice in an unfair world. He asked the residents the question, “Is God just?” and challenged them to know God as the Creator who can take something unfair and make it brand new.


Pastor Barriger is an awesome and passionate teacher of the Word of God, and has dedicated his life to helping people in need find the mercy of Christ. Here is what a few of our residents had to say about his visit:

Maddye said, “I was reminded that God is a right God in a wrong world. God is not the problem. He’s the answer. I’m asking God to heal my heart and make it clean and whole.”

Gina said, “I loved Dr. Barriger’s openness and honesty. There is a beautiful future ahead of me after my trials. I want to allow God to heal the hurt inside and know that He is fair and just.”

Jessica said, “I loved it when he said that we serve a Creator that can restore the things we have destroyed. That is such a cool image and I have never heard it put that way before.”

To learn more about Pastor Robert and Karyn Barriger or Camino de Vida Church visit their website,