Thursday, October 22, 2009

Special Message from a Current Resident!

We thought you might like to hear from a current resident in one of our U.S. homes. Rachael has been in the program for about 4 months and will be graduating soon. Rachael's mom contacted us about six months ago asking us to pray for her daughter who was strung out on drugs and living on the street somewhere - her heart was broken because she really didn't even know where her daughter was and hadn't heard from her for months. She also said she wanted to know how to "Sponsor a Mercy Girl" by becoming a monthly partner with the ministry as a way to sow a seed toward seeing her own daughter set free from drug abuse and turn her life around. We joined with Rachael's mom in prayer for her daughter, and just a few weeks later, I was able to sit down and meet Rachael face-to-face before she came into the program. I wanted you to see what Rachael had to say about her own experience and what she's learned since being here at Mercy.

"I hadn't spoken with my mom for a few months, and I remember getting a call from my mom saying, "Rachael, there's this woman I want you to meet." I remember telling her that I was not going back to rehab and my mom told me, "Rachael, this is not about you going to rehab. I wrote a letter to this woman, and God only knows how many letters she gets across her desk everyday, but she responded to me and said that she would like to meet you. She's going to be in Monroe on May 18th - will you please meet her?" I told her that I would, and I remember my cousin dropping me off that day to meet Nancy. As I sat with Nancy and two other women, they prayed for me and spoke truth to me. I started crying because Nancy was just so real with me, and I knew that this was the only truth I had heard over the last eight months of my life. Nancy told me that they had a place for me if I wanted help, but that it was my choice. She met me at my level and was just so real to me.

I had been to another rehab before for a year that was Christian-based, and I was determined to not have religion shoved down my throat. So for Nancy to say that she didn't want to just give me religion, but give me truth, that's when I knew I was supposed to come to Mercy. I have learned since being here through the staff speaking truth into my life that what I read from God's Word is direct truth. I don't have to be recovering for the rest of my life, but I'm already recovered - I've been set free and now it's about fighting from that point. I've also learned the basics of how to eat right and live a healthy balanced life. I was a competitive gymnast, so I've learned a lot about how to live a healthy life, which is something I never took advantage of and lost throughout my drug use and lack of maturity.

God has been so real and so faithful to speak to me each and every day. He has shown me that what I have gone through is going to be put to good use. The pain and suffering that I experienced is going to be put to good use. What the enemy meant to use to conquer me, God is turning it around for something great, and I don't know what that is but I'm excited!"