Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pastor Jim Laffoon Visits Mercy Ministries

Pastor Jim Laffoon, teaching pastor of King’s Park International Church in Durham, NC, was invited to the Mercy Ministries St. Louis home this week to encourage residents and staff. A published author of children’s books and a devotional called “Our Daily Blog,” Pastor Laffoon loves to use Bible characters and their stories to encourage growth in our modern day walk with God. He also has a father’s heart towards the Mercy girls and loves sharing God’s love with Mercy girls every opportunity he has.

During his time with the residents, Pastor Jim offered a timely message about why we experience pain and a broken heart. He explained that behind every hurt there is a lie and we often choose to believe we are broken beyond repair, but the truth is that believers can be healed by walking in the healthy patterns laid out in the Bible. Each girl was encouraged in a personal way to continue on her journey of healing during her time at Mercy Ministries.

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Here is what a few of the residents had to say about his teaching:

Brye said, “No matter what’s been broken in me, God can repair it. I used to see myself as damaged goods, but God has changed me.”

Emily said, “Pastor Laffoon blessed us so much. His insight about God’s true heart towards the wounded gave me so much hope. He communicated the Father’s love so clearly that it was tangible. It was amazing to see God through his teaching!”

Lindsee said, “My favorite part of his message is when he explained that God allows us to face suffering because life is not about us. My pain is going to be used to help others for God’s greatest purpose in my life. It was an amazing message.”