Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dr. Robb and Linda Thompson Visit Nashville Home

This week, the Nashville staff and residents were happy to host Dr. Robb and Linda Thompson, senior pastors of Family Harvest Church in Tinley Park, Illinois as special guests. During their visit, Dr. Thompson introduced one of his assistants, Jennifer, who is a 2007 graduate of Mercy Ministries!

Thompson, founder and president of Family Harvest International, a network of Christian congregations in several countries, is known for his leadership strategies and principals on success in the workplace and in life. He travels the globe teaching ministry leaders, training business executives, and mentoring government leaders about excellence and character development. Thompson is the author of several books including “The Endless Pursuit of Excellence” and “Everyday Ways to Enjoy Success at Work.” He clearly wears many hats while maintaining a genuine passion for sharing his powerful personal testimony of transformation through Christ.

Dr. Thompson's assistants, Chelsea and
Jennifer, a 2007 Mercy graduate

We would like to personally thank Robb and Linda Thompson for taking time out of their busy schedule to spend a couple of days sharing with our girls and staff. Here is what a few of the residents had to say about what they learned during their visit:

Caitlin said, “One of his messages reminded me to keep watch over where I am focusing my heart and my mind because whoever can control my emotions has control over my life, so I have to make sure it is God who has my focus.”

Michelle said, “Dr. Thompson spoke about how God will not only save us, but will be our King. I plan to make Jesus the Lord over my life."

Jessica said, “God sent him at just the right time for me with just the right message. I learned how powerful the Word of God is. I am going to look for truth and immerse myself in God’s Word.”


For more information about Dr. Robb and Linda Thompson and Family Harvest Church, visit their websites at www.familyharvestchurch.org and www.robbthompson.com.